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If you’ve been planning to visit Ireland to play some golf, enjoy the fantastic landscapes of rugged mountains and coastlines, and spend some time in a local pub or the 19th hole, then we may be able to help.

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Top 8 Must-Visit Golf Courses & 2020 OPEN COURSES That You Shouldn’t Miss When in Ireland

Padraig Harrington, Rory Mcllroy, and Darren Clarke have made golf one of the popular sports in Ireland. In fact, it is now a golfer’s paradise. When you see the seaside golf courses from the top, you cannot help but think if it is a gigantic emerald necklace that Ireland has in store. Four of these golf courses have also made their way to the 50 best golf courses in the world. So, you can understand why people players consider it a golfer’s paradise. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 8 golf courses in Ireland:

1. Royal County Down, Northern Ireland

There is a reason why the Royal Country Down is the favourite golf course of Tiger Woods. Founded in 1889, this golf course along the Irish Sea is like a dream. The lush green outfield overlooking the sea in the background makes for a postcard picture. So, when you come here with your golf sticks, it would take some doing to take you off the course.

What’s even more surprising is you may find Rory Mcllroy and Darren Clarke joining in the action because they come here quite frequently. Drive your way to Royal Country Down as early as you can because golf lovers line up to play throughout the day.

2. Ballybunion Golf Course Tours

This 18-hole golf course was established way back in 1893. It started as a 12-hole course but was extended to 18 holes in 1926. Even Bill Clinton played in this golf course in 1998. Golf enthusiasts would love to take a swing on this course, especially when a gentle breeze is blowing. You will score well every time. Bet some money with your friends on who can reach the pocket first to make the game more interesting.

Sometimes you might also experience an onshore gale blowing. This will make it difficult to score easily. The Old course of Ballybunion has some excellent holes. Try playing on the Kennell hole, Castle Green, or the Watsons. They are the best compared to the other holes in this golf course.

3. Portmarnock Golf Course

This golf course extends to over two miles and is also one of the championship courses. Playing here is a delight for golfers. The spectacular views of the Ireland’s Eye, one of the smallest islands of the country, the seabird colonies nearby, and the Mountains of Mourne make it a picturesque golf course. This is also the golf course that hosted various events, such as the Walker Cup, the Canada Cup, and the Irish Open.

Missing this golf course when you are in Ireland is not acceptable. You get golf sticks on hire. So, you don’t have to come prepared for a game.

4. European Club

This is an all-time favourite for most of the famous golfers in the world. The 18-hole layout extends over 7000 yards. So, you can imagine how big this golf course is. Try playing on the 7th hole which is one of the longest in this course. It extends for over 470 yards and ranks in the top 100 holes in the world.

The 7th hole has a unique location. You will find a sandbank running through beds of reeds. Moreover, the golf course is so well-maintained that you would not like to leave until late in the evening. So, make sure you come early to find a beautiful spot.

5. County Sligo

This is another championship golf course that hosts the Ireland Amateur Championship. If you are one of those who want to admire the surrounding beauty of nature from the golf course, then you need to visit this one first. It has Drumcliffe Bay, Sligo’s limestone, the Darty Mountains, and various other hills surrounding the course.

You can try the new green extension at Hole 2. Most golfers go there to try the new turf. And yes, the grass is greener on this side compared to the other holes. The varied terrain, together with unique hole locations makes this golf course un-missable for golf lovers.

6. County Louth

This is probably the most peaceful golf courses you will ever come across in Ireland. It may not have towering mountains or the sound of waves from the nearby sea, but the lush green outfield will make you focus on your golfing skills. That is why most professional golfers come here to practice every day. Apart from a few minor changes to the layout, this golf course has held its shape over 7000 yards successfully.

This championship-level golf course has two loops with holes in different directions. Try playing on the back nine as it has a few holes located near the shore.

7. Carne

This is again one of those golf courses where you will admire the beauty of its surroundings. It is located right in the middle of gigantic dunes, Blacksod Bay, and the Atlantic Islands of Inis Geidhewild and Inis Gloire. The view from this golf course is simply majestic. Plus, the breeze from the peninsula makes it easier to earn points.

Your trip to Ireland will be incomplete if you don’t visit Carne. This 6700-yard golf course has everything you can ask for as a golfer. Spring to autumn is the best time to enjoy golfing here. There are golf sticks available at the entrance. So, pick a few and start hitting the balls right away.

8. Mount Juliet Golf Course

If you want a standard golf course with beautiful sceneries around, this is the one you should go to. It looks like the golf courses you see on the TV. Even Tiger Woods couldn’t help but appreciate the way the authorities maintained this golf course. There are no buggy paths that can disrupt your golfing experience. So, come here early and golf till sunset. The experience is excellent.

With so many golf courses to explore, you should have enough days in hand to visit all of them. Make sure you plan your golf Ireland itinerary so that you can include all these golf courses on your list.

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